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From giant waves to subtle noir films, I've been fortunate enough to be able to provide the original score for an array of films including an Emmy Award Winning Documentary and a short directed by Robin Wright.  Whether you're looking for booming drums with an ocean of strings or a moody jazz backdrop, I'm here to help you bring your vision to life with the sound you've always dreamed of.



Photography is a unique creative art.  Where other forms of art like painting, music, and writing require you to create something from nothing, photography is the art of observation.  It's not creating beauty, but rather capturing the beauty that already exists in front of you.  I began my photography journey in the dark room of my high school, developing my own film and prints and absolutely fell in love with the art of observation.  Now I have a small collection of film and digital cameras and love to help bring out the beauty in the people I shoot, always looking for those quiet, honest, in between moments.



I found videography as an extension of my love for photography but once I really dove in I quickly became aware of its vast storytelling potential. Shortly thereafter I began to work more and more with clients of various backgrounds finding new and creative ways to make compelling content that really gets to the core of what they believe.  



Hi there.  My name's Chris Hayzel.  All my life I've been interested in creating things, I grew up in a very creative family that nurtured and encouraged exploration of the arts and upon walking through life I've picked up different tools to explore further.  In 2012 I began a career composing original scores for films and things began to quickly pick up steam.  

I found myself working on a wide array of projects from Emmy Award winning documentaries to independent feature films, all the while using one of my many creative tools to help bring other artists' visions to life.  However, it occurred to me that I have a few other tools in my belt that would allow me to offer that kind of help not only to artists but to everybody.  Enter Hayzel Vision Multimedia.  A company that offers three simple services: Audio, Photography, Videography, as well as any combination of the three.  Whether you need a score for your film, a video to help get your Kickstarter off the ground, or just some portraits that celebrate the true beauty of you, I and my many tools are here to help your vision become realized!  Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and I hope to work with you soon.



Chris Hayzel



Whatever your vision is I'll help you bring it to life.  Book me today!

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